Zen Parents-Kids Playtime

The Zen Parents-Kids Playtime program is a multi-activity program designed to promote confidence and build problem solving and communication skills.

The children range in age from 2-10 years and are accompanied by their parents. Typical group activities during the 2 hour sessions include

Music Therapy - Both parents and kids sing along to simple tunes and create lyrics together in small groups on specific themes like thankfulness and mindful living.

Story Time - Children listen to simple folk style stories that showcase positive responses to challenging situations. Following the reading, there is an interactive session with roleplaying exercises for both parents and kids e.g. sharing similar challenges from work and school and roleplaying ways to meet their everyday challenges in a positive and healthy way.

Mindfulness - Both parents and kids are taught basic mindfulness techniques using simple exercises like offering tea to each other, mindful walking, breathing and mantra chanting.

Artwork - Children are given projects to create artwork based on specific themes and invited to speak about their work and their inspiration to the group.

Luv Foundation has been running the Zen Parents-Kids Playtime program at the Mahayana Buddhist temple in Chinatown, NYC for two semesters - Summer 2018 and Fall 2018. Please visit our Magazine section for more pictures and vignettes from our Zen Parents-Kids Playtime sessions.


New class schedule for 2019 coming soon.