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Sustainable Living Program (coming soon…)

Luv Foundation’s community building efforts will focus on sustainable consumption, reuse and recycling and reducing dependency on plastics. Luv Foundation will work with various NYC government agencies and schools to research and pilot sustainable living programs and involve students, entrepreneurs and local businesses.

Planned Initiatives

  • Plastics recycling
    In an effort to reduce our plastic dependence Luv Foundation is exploring efforts to creatively reuse, remake and redesign existing plastics to reduce single use consumption.

  • Wood reworking
    We are appalled to see the amount of broken furniture we see on the sidewalks of New York City. Luv Foundation is exploring partnerships with New York based woodworking studios, designers and schools to repair and remodel objects from thrown away materials to create unique art and functional objects that educate communities on the value of reuse, help increase longevity of products and promote conscious buying habits.

  • Food and beverage container reuse
    Luv Foundation plans to start a small lab to create low cost alternatives to styrofoam plates, cups and bowls seen in many small food and drink establishments around the city. We hope to create an incentive program for consumers that helps small businesses stay viable while making mindful decisions on disposable cutlery and silverware. We hope to work with designers, industrial engineers and students to bring this vision to life.

Please reach out to us with your ideas in any of the areas above. We welcome suggestions, partnerships and collaborations with members of the community.