Luv Foundation believes in a holistic approach to nutrition that looks at the mind as well as the body with the aim to empower people to be mindful of their nutrition choices and knowledgable on the sources and techniques used to grow and supply food.

We believe that greater awareness of how we nurture and fuel our bodies will enable people to make ethical choices for themselves, their famines, communities and for the planet.

Luv Foundation’s nutrition program invites experts and teachers from various disciplines and philosophies including western medicine, Tibetan, Chinese and Ayurvedic systems to conduct small group sessions as well as individual consultations.

In Summer 2018 Luv Foundation invited Tibetan Medicine doctor - Dr. Amchi Tsewang Gyurme to conduct an introductory class on Tibetan medicine and it's relation to diet , seasons, behavior as well as discuss techniques to stay healthy in body and mind. Dr. Gyurme is the eleventh in a continuous lineage of Amchis or Tibetan doctors. In addition to being trained by his father, Dr. Amchi Ngawang Gurung, Tsewang graduated from Chagpori Medical Tibetan Medical Institute after an intensive six-year program.  He lives in Nepal where he treats patients at various clinics.

In 2019 Luv Foundation will be hosting a series of sessions on nutrition and healing with leading experts in New York City.


New class schedule for 2019 coming soon.